Your baby’s brain

At birth, all of your baby’s organs—the heart, lungs, kidneys— are fully developed, but smaller than an adult’s organs. All except one—the brain. The Brain Builds Itself Can you imagine living in...

Teaching Your Baby About Feelings and Self-Control

Do you know people you think are smart about feelings or tuned in? They can tell you how they feel. They seem to know how others are feeling,...

Is Touching Your Baby important for his brain development?

Babies and young children need to be held and cuddled. But did you know that touch is also important for your baby’s brain development? What Scientists Know Every time you...

Making Sure Your Baby Can See

What Scientists Know In the first few months after birth, the part of the brain that controls vision is being “wired.” The wiring connections can only be made properly...

Your baby’s brain before he is born

From the beginning of a pregnancy, a baby’s brain begins to grow. To help your baby’s brain cells—all 100 billion of them— be healthy and ready to do...


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